International Women’s Day: 1 Million Stars window installation at Myer

Take a look at this video of the 1 Million Stars window installation at Myer Melbourne for International Women’s Day. If your in Melbourne City this weekend come check it out, it’s up until March 10th. Window concept created by myself and illustrated by Kerrie Hess. Structure of the woman’s hair made by sponsors Stage One and city buildings printed by sponsors Active Display. Project Founder Maryann Talia Pau.

Macy’s Spring Flower Show


After recently attending the melbourne flower and garden show, I was inspired to see how other retailers may have adapted the floral and fauna concept into visual displays. And much to my excitement I found that Macy’s hold an annual Spring Flower Show. Macy’s Flower Show is held every easter in NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis and San Francisco. Thousands flock to see the beautiful floral displays created with millions of flowers from all over the world. Creatives from the US would already be onto this one but in Australia we don’t have any retailers that go to this extent, so I applaud Macy’s on raising the bar and setting a worthwhile challenge for the department stores back in Aus!  Last year when I was visiting the US, Macy’s didn’t have much creativity happening in store but I now have a new found respect for Macy’s. Talk about blowing the budget! Continue reading

Art and Design at Melbourne Flower and Garden Show

This years Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show was a wonderful aroma of inspiration. So much so that I thought it worthy of a blog post! Being the first time I had attended this event I wasn’t quiet sure what to expect, but to my surprise I came across many art and design concepts in this show that could most certainly be worked into retail display installations. Below I have captured a few of my best picks from this years show. The show is held annually at the Royal Exhibition Centre and Gardens every March.

By Georgia Fraser
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