Harrods Disney Princess Windows, Christmas 2012

These Disney Harrods Windows would have to be my all time *favourite*. Main reason being because I *LOVE* all things Disney! This ‘real life’ interpretation of the Disney Princesses is nothing less than extraordinary. The attention to detail is immaculate. Each window itself instantaneously draws one into another world. Partnered with the allure of designer garments, make for the perfect window. I must say, Disney themed windows was a very smart move on Harrods behalf. Who doesn’t want to be reminded of their sweet childhood memories? Memories of the past are a guaranteed attention grabber for sure. Isn’t it funny that my favourite disney windows here are the ones that, surprise surprise, were my favourite Disney characters when I was a child? Obviously not a coincidence. The appeal of the windows are clearly based on my past personal emotional connection with the stories and the characters. Lets explore this a little further…

When it comes to an individuals ability to retain information more often than not, stories are actually the best means of ensuring ones memory. Research has found that our “human brain is naturally wired to receive and remember every human experience within a structure of a story.” Pretty cool hey? The reason stories are remembered are because they not only present us with visual imagery but they also evoke emotion and connections on a deeper personal level. It’s actually our emotions that enable us to retain that story in our memory. Why? because our brain finds it easier to store and recall information that is associated with emotions. And the whole purpose of a retailers windows is to sell and be *remembered* isn’t it?

Let’s not forget that the emotional history of the past can be a very powerful tool for the now and the future. I hope to see more windows around town exploring this concept of adapting the past to the future, in the form of storytelling. So lets get some more memorable, emotion evoking, storytelling windows happening out there!

Cinderella by Versace


 Ariel from The Little Mermaid by Marchesa

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty with Elie Saab


Jasmin from Aladdin by Escada

Snow White by Oscar de la Renta


Rapunzel by Jenny Packham


Belle from Beauty and The Beast by Valentino

Pocahontas by Roberto Cavalli

Mulan by Missoni


Tiana from The Princess and the Frog by Ralph & Russo

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